For Sale - December 2021

Up-to-date as of November 30, 2021

Please refer to our SALES POLICY prior to inquiry.

Each Humble Acres animal will go to its home with a sample of food for transition to a new feed, as well as a brief care guide, at no extra cost. Cages, dust, food and water containers, etc, are available for purchase.

Prices are non-negotiable; discounts are available for multi-animal purchases

Your purchase from Humble Acres implies your agreement.

CARRIER POLICY - A carrier must be purchased from us in advance of your pickup date (cost of $5 for cardboard single-use carrier/$20 for a traditional carrier) OR you must send us a photo of your carrier to ensure it is appropriate for chinchilla travel. We will not release animals into plastic totes, cardboard boxes, or other makeshift transport items.

Available animals without pictures yet available:

Tan female born August 2021 - $350

Tan female born August 2021 - $350

Standard female born August 2021 - $150

Extra Dark ebony female born August 2021 - $450

Extra dark ebony male born August 2021 - $450

Standard angora carrier female born October 2021 - $450

Standard female born October 2021 - $150 ON HOLD

Standard male born October 2021 - $150 ON HOLD