Humble Acres Degus

We have a very small breeding group of degus, focused on producing blacks. We can also produce sands, creams, blue agouti, blue, and pieds.


List updated February 7, 2021



Breeding Colonies Sale

Both colonies are proven producers.

Colony #1 - $200

1 - agouti male

3 - agouti females

Can throw agouti, sand, blue agouti

Colony #2 - 150

1 - sand male

2 - agouti females

Can throw agouti, sand, blue agouti

Four plain agouti yearling females $10 each

Six plain agouti yearling males $10 each

Two sand young males $30 each

Must take a minimum of two - degus are extremely social!

Degu Sales Policies -

Degus must be picked up from our location or transported during a planned chinchilla sale. No trips will be planned specifically for the sale of degus beyond a one-hour radius from Olean, NY. Natural agoutis must be paid in-full prior to sale; all mutation degus can be held with a $10/per animal deposit via Square with the remainder paid on pickup via Square or cash. No checks!

Degus must be purchased in pairs or larger groups unless the buyer can prove they have degus already at their home. Degus are extremely social animals and we do not recommend keeping them in singles.

All degus will go home in a small cage that must be purchased by the buyer at a cost of $10. These cages ensure their safe travel and prevent escapes during transfer from one carrier to another, as well as giving the buyer a safe carrier for future travel needs.

Due to the lack of pedigrees and national-level oversight for degu breeding at this time, degus come with no inherent health guarantee. Buyer accepts full responsibility for the animal after the time it leaves Humble Acres Ranch and understand that no refunds will be given in the event of animal death.