Prices are non-negotiable. Discounts are available on multi-animal purchases. Below prices do not include pedigree.

STANDARDS: Starting at $175

EBONIES: Starting at $275 and increasing based on darkness

BLACK VELVET: Starting at $350

BROWN VELVET: Starting at $350

BEIGE: Starting at $300

TAN: Starting at $350 and increasing based on darkness

MOSAIC: Starting at $450

VIOLET: Starting at $350

SAPPHIRE: Starting at $400

BLUE DIAMOND: Starting at $500

ANGORA: Starting at $1,250 (for standard grey) and increasing based on color.


*Carrier animals may have a higher cost.

Prices are subject to change without notice and may be higher or lower based upon demand, or the quality of the animal in question. Determination of quality will be made by a certified judge at an ECBC or MCBA-sanctioned chinchilla show, or, in the case of animals not shown or not yet old enough to be shown, by an experienced representative of Humble Acres Chinchillas based on the animal's overall confirmation, fur quality, color/clarity, and lineage.