Sales Policy

DEPOSITS AND PAYMENT: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any available chinchilla - no exceptions. This deposit must be made within 24 hours and is good for 30 days, during which time arrangements must be made for pickup of the animal. Any hold greater than 30 days in length is subject to additional charges, up to 14 days, at which time the animal becomes subject to resale without refund to the original buyer.

Payment must be made in-full prior to an animal leaving our possession, or for transport to any show or event for pickup on-location. Buyers who make full payment must make arrangements for pickup within 90 days. Any animal still in our care after 90 days is subject to resale without refund to the original buyer. 

All deposits are required to be made via PayPal. Final purchase can be made via PayPal or cash. No checks!

PICKUP: Arrangements for pickup will not be made until a deposit has been received for said animal. Pickup arrangements are made by appointment only.

SHIPPING: Shipping is not currently available. We do provide transportation throughout the northeast, as well as routine transport through Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

OUR GUARANTEE: All animals are sold in good health. Humble Acres Chinchillas will refund/replace the animal in question only if the following conditions have all been met:

  • Illness/death occurs within the first 7 days following purchase and can be proven by a veterinarian to have been contracted while in our care;

  • All care guidelines given by Humble Acres Chinchillas to the buyer were followed;

  • Genetic predisposition can be proven to have caused illness or death within the first two years;

  • Animal was bred by Humble Acres Chinchillas. Retired breeders, rescues, and animals not bred by us have no inherent guarantees. All Humble Acres-bred animals will feature the letters MHAC on their birth certificate/cage card.

Buyers have 120 days from the original date of requested refund/replacement to choose a replacement animal (of equal or lesser value) or opt instead for a refund. After 120 days, no refund or replacement will be given. 

Refunds/replacements will not be given in the event of fungus/ringworm. This is a common malady in chinchillas that often remains dormant until the animal is exposed to stress, such as that of moving to a new home. Luckily, it is easily treated with Tinactin foot powder in the dust bath, both as treatment if it appears and as a preventative measure in the humid months.

Humble Acres Chinchillas will always welcome back any chinchilla bred by us if their buyer determines they are no longer able to care for them. However, no money will be exchanged and the buyer must make arrangements for transportation of the animals to Humble Acres.


Each Humble Acres animal will go to its home with a sample of food for transition to a new feed, as well as a brief care guide, at no extra cost. Cages, dust, food and water containers, etc, are available for purchase. 

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